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Modern manicure - nail polish for 7 days!

There are two prevailing criteria according to which customers choose nail polish: the drying time and sustainability. Only then, the third point follows – the choice of a colour tone.

Despite the fact that any brand offers different bases and tops before and after the manicure, only in rare cases, you cannot worry about the sustainability of your manicure during 5-7 days, by spending only 5 minutes in the salon.

Exactly due to this reason, many customers have highly appreciated the new nail polish from the corporation CND, the inventor of the world famous Shellac - VINYLUX™. This varnish not only guarantees the sustainability during a week’s time, but it also becomes more sustainable from day to day!

When two are better than three

VINYLUX™ nail polish is marked with 3Free sign, specifying that it doesn't contain such harmful components as dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde.

Any nail polish, including gel polish, consists of three layers. The first layer is the colour coating or lacquer. And finally, the upper layer or topping which mainly performs the protective function of the colour coating, thus protecting from scratches and fractures. Secondly, it makes the nail polish more resistant and firmer. 
VINYLUX™ nail polish - only two steps. The first layer - VINYLUX™ colour coating and its VINYLUX ™ hardener – upper layer (topping).

Colour rainbow

The colour palette accounts for 62 colours, 30 of which are matt. Only 41 of them are identical to Shellac colour tones, that is, varnishes have unique colour tones. However, in the seasonal collections, Shellac and VINYLUX™ colour tones will reoccur. Given that the new colour tones can be obtained by mixing different varnishes, as well as by using different pigments, it follows that VINYLUX™ colour palette may be limited only to your imagination.


CND uses the new improved adhesion mechanism without painting, and namely VINYLUX™ colour consists of 2 parts. The first part of this product is a new chemical compound which stimulates adhesion. It works like an anchor or like a double sided adhesive tape, by gluing the keratin and pigments of the natural nail, while creating a barrier, in order the pigments could get onto the surface of the natural nail.

The second part – the fast drying formula that is designed for further blocking of the pigments, similar to the colour on a photo film. It prevents any movement of the pigment on your nail surface.

In addition to it, the pigments, contained in the nail varnishes, have a large molecule size, thus preventing their penetration between the nail scales. Thus, applying one VINYLUX™ layer onto your natural nail, we can safely "glue" the nail’s keratin with the colour tone, while protecting the natural nail from painting. In other words, the colour coating performs both the role of the base and of the colour varnish, that is, VINYLUX™ is two in one. This became possible thanks to the innovative technology, developed by the CND chemists.

However, this is not all. The top layer is unusual. The photoinitiators, contained by the top layer, constantly help the manicure to harden even more from day to day during the whole period of its wearing, that is, during 7 days. Furthermore, the increase of the resistance occurs not under the impact of the ultraviolet lamp, but under the natural light influence. The customer’s manicure is becoming more and more sustainable from day to day.

In addition, exactly the photoinitiators increase the yellowness of the upper layer which is typical of traditional varnishes. Additionally, the resins and polymers, contained by the top layer, increase its sustainability and reduce brittleness.

The “clutch” mechanism of the new varnish and nail keratin is so persistent, that it allows not worrying about the perfect look of the manicure without cracks and exfoliation during the 7-day period or during a week’s time. That is why we use such a wording as “a week’s” nail polish.

Let’s get rid of smeared nail polish

The sustainability of the new nail polish is a record - the entire 7 days. The second advantage is the nail polish drying time. The nail polish is unique also in this regard. It dries out completely in 10 minutes. Besides that, it dries out both from the outside and from the inside, so the problem with the smeared varnish is solved.

The nail polish must be removed the same way as a traditional one, with an acetone-containing preparation. However CDN Corporation has developed a special removal product - Nourishing Remover, which has got the skin and nail moisturizing properties, combined with the excellent fresh cucumber scent.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

17 €

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