Description of the procedure

Physiotherapeutic appliance "STARVAC SP" for treatment by vacuum and lymphatic drainage.

Therapeutic effect of vacuum therapy

General effects:

  • discharging toxins,
  • effective for treatment of cellulites (up to stage 3),
  • eliminating oedema,
  • accelerating desorption of haematomas,
  • stimulating lymphatic flow,
  • improving and reinforcing body contours.

For the skin:

  • tightening up,
  • restoring elasticity,
  • stimulating blood circulation,
  • rejuvenating,
  • toning up,
  • nourishing,
  • resolving scar tissues and stretch marks.

For muscle tissues:

  • energetic massage (effective after physical loads),
  • facilitating to relieving tiredness and pain,
  • relieving muscle spasms,
  • stimulating blood circulation.

The main methods of vacuum therapy

1. Vacuum-roller massage.
It is performed by using of heads of two typical dimensions in the regime of a constant or pulsating vacuum. The method is mainly used to reduce cellulites, eliminate excessive fat depots, for the figure local modelling, desorption of oedemas, lifting, etc. The size of heads and the vacuum generated are selected individually depending on indications and individual characteristics of the client.

2. Cup dynamic massage.

It is performed by using cups of four typical dimensions in the regime of a constant or pulsating vacuum. The cups are used for surging of lymphatic glands, for local processing of areas where it is difficult to use the roller heads (belly, forearms).

3. Cup puncture massage.

It is performed by means of four double suction cups. The cups are joined in a scheme in order to use them simultaneously. The procedure is used for warming up certain areas by the method of “palpating and rolling”, for breaking up adipose cells, a prior processing of marked cellulites areas before application of masks. 

4. Vacuum face-lifting.

Face-lifting procedure has four stages – surging, lymphatic drainage, activation, formation. On each stage, a special cup is used and a regime of vacuum depending on the state of the client’s skin. The method is used for revitalization of the skin turgor, smoothing of scars and wrinkles, desorption of oedema, reinforcement of face contours etc.

The main advantages of vacuum therapy:

  • high quality and effectiveness of procedures;
  • wide range of program selection;
  • wide range of therapeutic influence;
  • wide range of protocols.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

37 €

Subscription for 10 procedures

335 €

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