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Moles are present on the body of every person – they are just a small cluster of cells with the pigment of melanin. Moles can be not only innate; the appearance of new moles is natural. However, quite often new moles which seem innocuous, can turn into a cancer - melanoma. Therefore, one should constantly check his/her moles.

If you observe one of the following signs of the moles on your body such as asymmetry, irregular, fuzzy contour, uneven colour or increase in size, you have obligatory to get your moles checked by a specialist. It is also recommended periodically to check your moles regardless of finding out any changes. 

Our experienced specialists-dermatologists will carefully examine your moles using the dermatoscope and other tools with the help of which it is possible to see very clearly the formation of your skin. The specialists will determine the boundaries of your mole, the nature of its tissues (malignant or benign) and the depth of ingrowth, as well as other qualities, if necessary, and our specialists will prescribe a further examination and treatment. As well as they will consult how to prevent a change of moles into malignant moles.


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