Description of the procedure

Non-surgical liposaction CAVIT 2G

Nofrete is pleased to offer its clients a brand-new method of fat deposit and cellulites treatment by using a principle of CAVITATION.

This non-aggressive method of treatment ensures results similar to those of the surgical treatment, therefore it can be used also as an alternative liposaction.

The phenomenon of CAVITATION is known to people almost 40 years.Use of the method of CAVITATION is supported by authoritative clinical researches.

Essence of the method is that under the influence of particular kind of ultrasonic waves a formation of micro-vials takes place in the adipose cells (lipocytes). These micro-vials increase in size, liquefy the fat and easily force it out of the lipocytes (adipose cells), which results in an immediate reduction in size and contour improvement of the body.

Thus the adipose cells are destroyed physically, an increased size of which is the prime cause of undesirable fat deposits.

As a result of destruction of lypocite (adipose cells) membranes, fat as if „liquefies” and is eliminated from the body in a natural way:

90% of it is eliminated through the lymphatic system;

10% is absorbed by blood, where the tri-glicerydes (basis of the adipose molecules) turn into glucose molecules, and thus the body receives an additional supply of energy.

The fat deposit areas in female body are on its lower part, on sides, buttocks, abdomen, knees and upper part of hips. On these parts of a female body the adipose tissues become harder due to the reason that lipolysis does not take place in a normal course of fat synthesis process because of a local activity of estrogen.

General stimulation of lipolysis reached by means of diets results in loss of fat in the areas where the fat metabolism proceeds in a normal way. Method of cavitation has been worked out specially for reduction of fat deposits on the parts of a body functioning inharmoniously.

For example, most women gain a result of disappearing adipose tissues from their face, breast area, etc. However, it is very difficult to get rid of fat deposits on the hips.

Procedure of cavitation helps with this task.

Accumulation of fat in the area after treatment becomes impossible.

Key of uniqueness of cavitation by means of CAVIT 2G is the combined application of a more powerful maniple and fixed plates that allow working of 3-4 areas of the body during one procedure.

The patient has no any painful feelings during the procedure, just a pleasant warmth. Every procedure allows reducing size in the area of treatment up to 2.5 cm. After completing the course of procedures the non-surgical liposaction can be proceeded at one’s will with an interval of one month.

CAVIT procedure results

    1. *Process takes place in time.
    2. *Result is felt already after the first procedure.
    3. *Result is durable.
    4. *Absence of negative visual and sensual effects.

Recommended course of procedures

For eradication of the cause leading to fat deposits – destruction of the adipose cells in the area of interest(this thanks to a purposeful intervention, which allows modelling the body contours at one’s own discretion by an impact on problem areas) – 8 procedures on average are recommended, with a periodicity once a week. This periodicity is recommended in order to avoid excess load on lymphatic system, because „liquefying” of up to 10 cubic centimetres of fat takes place in every seance, and is eliminated from the body completely and irrevocably.


Procedure duration

90 min

Procedure price

70 €

Additional option

Vibromassage with PROELLIXE Vibration



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