Description of the procedure

Mesotherapy is a method of introduction of medications, mesococtails and vitamin complexes intracutaneously in micro doses aiming at medical effect due to introduced medications and effect of stimulation of the biologically active points and reflexogenic zones of the skin. The method of mesotherapy was invented by French therapist Dr Michel Pistor more than 50 years ago, after that developed and improved by experts in Spain and Italy.

Aim of mesotherapy:

  • rejuvenation of the face, neck, decollete zone,
  • formation of an oval of the face,
  • make less visible or eliminate wrinkles and nasolabial folds,
  • improve complexion,
  • fight the “double” chin,
  • prevention and treatment of skin ageing,
  • elimination of pigmentation,
  • treatment of cellulite, overweight,
  • beauty of the whole body.

Benefits of mesotherapy:

  • mesotherapy substances are introduced in micro doses directly into the problem zone not influencing body as a whole,
  • effective and long-lasting results,
  • the method is a little traumatic and a little painful,
  • the procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis,
  • ideally may be combined with other modern methods of aesthetic medicine.

The procedure solves a number of problems in various zones on the face and body; it could be explained by the fact mesococtails are selected individually in every case, so they are suitable especially for you and are dependant on the set goal.

Mesotherapy - the most popular therapeutic method applied in cosmetology. It is the best solution for “bodily” problems without surgical intervention.


Procedure duration

90 min

Procedure price

43 - 85 €


65 €

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