Description of the procedure

Hot wrapping is used to combat cellulite, remove toxins from the body, as well as to reduce excess weight. Furthermore, this procedure is shown for both treatment and prophylaxis.

Firstly a special mount (preparation) applied to the body allocating it on the areas to be impacted - for example, on the place of cellulite formation or excess body fat. The body is coated with a special stretch film that prevents the evaporation of the active substance and is covered with thermal blanket.

Due to the effect of heating, the active substances penetrate deep into the skin, and the insulation with the stretch film helps to enhance the effect for several times. After the course the speed of blood microcirculation and lymph circulation will greatly increase, thereby reducing the amount of body fat. At the same time skin elasticity increases and the skin relief is leveled.


Procedure price

55 €

Additional options

Relaxing facial procedure with the mask


25 € 50 €

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