Description of the procedure

Photoepilation – what are the benefits?

Photoepilation procedure makes unwanted body hairs a worry of the past – the hairs simply will not grow back. With photoepilation it is possible to remove hair on any part of the body – armpits, legs, bikini area, stomach, back, and more. Photoepilation with Plasmalite is especially suitable for removing facial hair, i.e. hair on the chin or upper lip, since the procedure does not cause any redness of the skin, making it possible for you to return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure. It works even with light-coloured hair, making the hair finer and thinner, although you may require multiple procedures to reach the desired effect.

The greatest advantage of photoepilation procedure with Plasmalite is the device’s advanced technology that ensures maximum comfort with the least level of pain.

Photoepilation – how to get the best result?

In order to get excellent results with photoepilation, it is of utmost importance to use an accordingly powerful device. This is why beauty salon “Nofrete” uses Plasmalitea photoepilation device manufactured in Finland; globally recognised innovative technology, supported by scientific research that has proven the excellent results of the procedure.

Secondly, it is equally important to protect the skin from any harmful radiation. Plasmalite innovative technology absorbs and prevents any potential harmful radiation; due to the effective action of the device, most clients require a significantly lesser number of procedures than with other permanent hair removal devices to reach the desired result.

Photoepilation is most effective on fair skin (free of any suntan) with relatively darker hair, which is why it is advised to perform the procedure in the dark months of the year. In order to remove the hairs entirely, a course of procedures is required – 3-4 procedures every 5-6 weeks. Clients with more body hair may require up to 6 procedures.

Note that the skin must be carefully protected from exposure to the sun (incl. indoor tanning) 3 weeks prior to and 3 weeks after the photoepilation. 

Photoepilation – suitable for ingrown hairs

Photoepilation is especially recommended for treating ingrown hairs. At the beauty salon “Nofrete” it is possible to combine hair removal procedures, e.g. have photoepilation for the edges of the bikini area, waxing for the rest.

An added benefit of the photoepilation procedure is the complimentary cosmetologist’s consultation, during which the specialist evaluates the client’s skin condition, explains the anticipated results of the procedure, as well as creates a personalised procedure plan.


Hair during the active phase of growing is sensitive to light flash (due to high concentration of melanin in dividing cells). Such hair is about 30% of all hair on the body. The rest 70% is in inactive phase or regress and thus not able to absorb light.
Thanks to exclusive features of the device, Plasmalite removes up to 90% of the growing hair within one séance. For a definitive result, from 3 to 6 séances are needed, and the intervals between them must be determined according to cyclical grow of hair, which in its turn depends on the area of the body, usually this interval is from 3 up to 6 weeks.


During photoepilation, temperature increases only in the cells of the bud of hair follicle and not so considerably as during electroepilation. Therefore, any complications characteristic to electroepilation (burns or scars) are impossible.

Plasmalite – is not a laser!

It is impossible to cause any harm to the client by working with it. Complications like burns, scars, hypo- or hiperpigmantation are practically impossible.


Photoepilation – is a non-contact method, so practically painless.
In case of very thin epidermis the client during the procedure may feel a little warm caused by a slight increase of temperature in the upper layers of the skin.

Speed of epilation

Working area of the shaver is 10 x 20mm. Such an area is a compromise between the economic necessity and the practical effectiveness. The light impulse is generated every 2 seconds. So, the upper lip area can be worked within 30 seconds on average. Epilation of legs takes 30 minutes up to 2 hours.


The clients should not expose themselves to sun rays 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the procedure.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

12 - 300 €

One flash

8 €

Intimate area

50 €

White abdominal line

30 €

Hands (shoulders, wrists, fingers)


Legs (thighs, calves, feet, fingers)

340 €

Bikini area

75 €


45 €

Men\'s chest

175 - 240 €


185 - 280 €

Upper lip

36 €


50 €


65 €

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