Description of the procedure

Women have always been striving to obtain beautiful nails. Having appeared more than 50 years ago, nail extension methods became a peculiar „first aid” for many of ladies. Since many representatives of the fair sex cannot afford artificial nails due to specifics of their professions, financial resources or mode of life, it is necessary to pay more attention to care of the natural nails.

As a result of insufficient care, adverse effects of environment or sickness the nails become brittle, they start to crack and exfoliate. They lose their initial natural shine and appearance.

Task of the systemic treatment

Cleaning, nourishing, moisturizing, protection and recovery of the natural nails and the skin of the hands within a minimum of time.

Just by the manicure, the state of your nails and the skin of the hands an expert can determine their type and the current problems, namely:

  • soft – fragile nails
  • thin - fragile
  • dry - brittle
  • exfoliating nails
  • normal - healthy
  • healthy, but delicate
  • slowly growing nails
  • nails with uneven surface
  • nails with pigment spots
  • thickened non-elastic nails
  • nail biting habit
  • rough cuticles
  • dry sin of the hands
  • pigment spots
  • age-related changes in the skin etc.

Manicure experts select remedies inpidually and carry out the appropriate treatment, draw up the treatment scheme for the nails and the skin of the hands, determine the frequency and the content of procedures.

In order to gain good results, visiting the manicure master at first should be

once a week,
then it is necessary to come after 8 days,
then - after 9 days,
after 10 days

and so on – until 14-30 days, i.e. until the frequency of visits is one time in two – four weeks.

Experts recommend remedies also for treatment at home: special remedies for the nails and the skin of the hands are selected inpidually and should be used daily so that the beautiful nails look really beautiful only on well-groomed hands.

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