Description of the procedure

As the mechanism of cellulites development is universal when venous and lymphatic outflow disturbances in the ntercellular space play the main role, the lympho-drainage methods are the main correcting means used. At the same time it is worthwhile to adhere to a complex scheme of correction, which consists of three phases:

  • Electronic lymphodrainage, neuromuscular electrostimulation (in case of excessive liquids in the body),
  • Vacuum lymphodrainage combined with neuromuscular, electrostimulation,
  • Talassotherapy, thermotherapy.

Different methods act in synergy, thus enhancing mutual influence. Physiotherapy provides cosmetology with a number of indisputable advantages, as the physical factors cause no allergic complications in most cases; they are an alternative for drug therapy and raise effectiveness of traditional cosmetic procedures.

From time immemorial, it has been characteristic to a man to strive for beauty.  Every epoch has contributed to the notion of „BEAUTY”: if look at the past, it is certain that the notion of beauty has transformed and it leads to minimalism nowadays.
Most women at all costs aim to the standard 90х60х90. We also can offer for men - toning up muscles of the front abdominal wall, muscle bulk building, body contour modelling and many other services.
The high-qualified experts of our Centre will successfully help you also with these matters.  In a friendly atmosphere, our clients gain results within 15 minutes that are visible and measurable by centimetres.
In addition to apparatus effect you will be offered special cosmetics.

Offering the VipLine figure correction procedures:

  • Transion (volume reduction, treatment of cellulites)
  • Vip Body System (oedema, excessive weight, cellulites)
  • Izodzey (body contour modelling)
  • Limfodzey (oedemas, excessive weight)

We guarantee an amazing apparatus effectiveness – even after the first procedure the size of your body will reduce for 2-5 cm. As a result, not only the burning of fat depots takes place, but also body recovery in general: recovery of blood circulation, lymphatic system and muscle tone, elimination of waste products and excessive liquid from the body.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

26 €

Izodzey facial area

26 €


26 €

Subscription for 10 procedures

340 €

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