Description of the procedure

Nail Extension Using Gel

Nowadays, the nail extension using gel is no longer a unique procedure, but nevertheless it is a rather requested service. Nail extension using gel is a simple way to get the perfect and sustainable manicure for a long time, making, without any difficulty, your nails look attractive and glamorous. In addition, nail extension using gel also provides the protection against the natural external effects, as well as it provides a presentable look of your nails.

Comparing all the proposed range of solutions, the gel nail extension remains the most popular and the most financially beneficial way which provides the possibility for the natural correction of your nails. In other words, this nail extension procedure doesn't deeply touch the nail plate, thus allowing your nails "breathing".

In addition, it should be taken into account that the gel used for nail extensions, doesn’t cause any allergy, so it is possible, without any fear of an allergic reaction, to touch or rub, for example, your eyes with your hands which have such a manicure made.

And finally, about the look. It should be noted that the nail extension with nail gel provides the look which is the closest to the natural one. Thus, this procedure allows you getting the perfect result only after a few hours.


Procedure duration

120 min

Procedure price

45 €


40 €

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