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Dermatologist is a medical expert that specialises in skin, hair and nail health. Skin is our largest organ – it protects the internal organs, regulates body temperature, and reflects the general state of health.

The dermatologist helps to take care of the health of the skin from within. Problematic skin is often a symptom of various health problems – treating these symptoms cosmetically only gives superficial short-term results, without the elimination of the cause.

A dermatologist consultation – also as a prophylactic measure – is recommended at all ages. Only the skin doctor can recognise malignant birthmarks or other symptoms of severe illnesses. During a consultation, it can be determined whether a skin growth is, for example, a wart, whether it should be removed, and how it should be cared for after the procedure.

We offer dermatologist consultations for adults and children alike – it is important to be aware of one’s health since an early childhood. Our professional doctors will gladly help you and answer all your questions about healthy skin and its care! 

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