Description of the procedure

As we age, our lips, too, are exposed to the natural processes of aging; they become thinner, lose volume, the corners of the mouth become lowered. At the same time we all dream of sensual lips, but restrain from rushing into the beautician’s office, because we have a lot of questions.

The most common approach for lip augmentation is by injecting hyaluronic acid based fillers.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component t of the human skin, and it plays an important role in maintaining the water balance. Hyaluronic acid based products are relatively high in density and viscosity, which gives the effect of filled subcutaneous voids and cavities. Wrinkles and deep wrinkles are smoothed out from the inside and lips become plumper and more attractive.

The filler is injected subcutaneously in the mucous membrane of the lips with a special needle and cannula, after which the treated area is gently massaged. Anaesthesia is not required, for the fillers typically contain anaesthetics, but the anaesthetic drug Emla can be used if desired.

Lip augmentation with fillers is an ambulatory procedure conducted by medical cosmetologist in the treatment room; the procedure requires about 30 minutes.

The product is chosen per patient individually, taking in account the characteristics of the patient’s lips and the desired results.

The result is visible immediately, but the final aesthetic effect takes shape only after the swelling subsides (after 3-4 days)

Please note: All fillers must be in sealed, sterile syringes. 

The results of the procedure:

  • emphasized contour of the lips (lips become accentuated);
  • the wrinkles around the mouth are smoothed out (the face looks younger and more attractive);
  • increased lip volume and eliminated asymmetry problems (lips become plumper and more sensual);
  • lifted corners of the mouth (relieved tired look, noticeably rejuvenated facial appearance).


The treatment is not recommended for patients with a tendency to form keloids, after laser resurfacing procedures, deep peeling procedures.

Contraindications: inflammatory reactions in the intended treatment area (herpes), coagulation disorders, pregnancy, lactation period, allergic reaction to any of the listed ingredients.


Procedure duration

30 min

Procedure price

195 €

Juvederm Ultra Smile (0,55ml)

195 €

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