Description of the procedure

Real beauty is more than the beauty that is visible to the eye; it is the beauty that is hidden… under the shoes. That’s right. The underrated pedicure is more than just an original nail design; it is the cornerstone of beauty. This procedure brings pleasure to every single cell of our bodies.

In our salon pedicure and SPA pedicure means the same thing. It can be called luxurious foot care, if you wish. But… For many of our clients, regular care of their feet has become an integral part of their lives. They do not wait for the right season or when they will be wearing sandals, but reveal the beauty from within regardless the time of the year!

As we know, the human body has many points, which, when stimulated, can either relax the body or stimulate healing of the body. However, the greatest attention should be paid to our feet – all the nerve endings are located there. The right massage technique acts on specific areas of the body, giving the best results.

We offer a unique procedure - foot massage with seashells.

A massage with seashells provides deep tissue stimulation.

Treat yourself with the royal procedure of Thai foot massage!

This is a light, aesthetic massage, which involves the stimulation of several reflexogenous zones.

Or a massage with stones…

The heat of basalt stones gives more heat and energy than a massage with hands.

The only thing you will have to worry about will be the choice of the colour. Our wide selection of colours can confuse at the beginning, but it is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

We have combined the best of European beauty care with the ancient knowledge from Asia: a beauty from inside and out. 


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

25 €

Additional options

Gel application
Gel application with Gelish
Varnishing with Viny Luks
Massage with stones
Thai foot massage (usually 30 €)
Foot massage with shells (usually 25 €)


5 €
15 €
10 €
5 €
7 €
20 €
15 €

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