Description of the procedure

The Sun… Once we were lying under its burning rays for several hours striving for our pale milky white skin to get suntanned. Now, all the dermatologists in one voice advise us to avoid exposure to direct sun rays.Premature wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, dilated capillaries and “vascular stars” – these all are unpleasant metamorphoses caused by the sun and are called “photoageing”.


A procedure that helps to cope with these troublesome consequences. The rays of light are used for the benefit of the skin.

The main target here is pigment which actively absorbs light; it warms up and transfers the warm to the walls of vessels. They in their turn discharge mediators of inflammation which enter into connective tissue. There are collagen and elastin there that are responsible for skin elasticity. Special cells – fibroblasts – actively start to synthesize new collagen. Thus in a slackened skin new fibres of collagen and elastin appear, and the skin regains its youthful and fresh appearance. The senile collagen is able to absorb waves of a certain length and degrade, and at the same time new fibres of fresh collagen are synthesized. By means of the photomethods the face is tightened up, its contours are improved and the pores narrowed. Thanks to overall lifting, the fine and middle wrinkles smooth out - including wrinkles around eyes.

Photomethod enables to remove vascular elements, performs therapy for scars and helps to cope with such a problem as pigmentation. As it is well known, even polishing and chemical peelings are often powerless in such a case. Spots start to fade away even after the first procedure and disappear completely by the end of the second procedure. One more aspect of phototherapy that is important – elimination of comedones or acne.

In case of choosing photorejuvenation seances, the person must follow two rules – avoid burning sun rays two weeks PRIOR and AFTER the procedure and to apply strong anti-sun cosmetics with high level of protection.


  • premature wrinkles,
  • pigmentation, dehydration,
  • dilated capillaries,
  • “vascular stars”.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

100 - 450 €


143 €


256 - 315 €

Face + neck

315 - 420 €

Face + neck + décolleté

450 €


256 €


240 €

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