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Contour plastics (augmentation) – filling up the soft tissue deficit by introduction of injection implants. Injection contour plastics enable to correct wrinkles and folds on the face, deformations and hypertrophic scars, to change lip contour, „lift up” the corners of downturning mouth, enhance the inner volume of tissues in order to change the face shape. Preparations for contour plastics are fillers based on hyaluronic acid, collagen and liquid silicone.

Main indications for application of contour modelling by injections include:

  • restoration of a defected skin relief (filling up wrinkles and folds);
  • change of the shape of lips, cheeks, chin;
  • correction of atrophic scars.


Juvéderm® carefully smoothes out wrinkles and restores the face shape.

For a common injection Juvéderm® no any previous tests are required, it eliminates imperfections and signs of ageing, so the skin becomes unusually even and smooth.

Juvéderm® fills up nasal folds around lips and the wrinkles at the lips, and smoothes “Marionette” lines. Now, it is not impossible at all, but also very easy to return sensuality to your lips and smoothness to your face.

Juvéderm® is also an excellent restorative means, which helps your face obtain a youthful and healthy appearance after introducing injections in cheeks.It has been found out during the couple of last years that hyaluronic acid is an amazing mixture for filling up lines in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid – a substance which is a natural component of the skin and is responsible for maintaining humidity in the skin; and gradually and slowly it is being absorbed in the course of time.

Injections Juvéderm® ensure replacement for hyaluronic acid which gradually disappears with increasing years.

Advantages of Juvéderm®

Juvéderm® - is hyaluronic acid, a jellous substance, transparent, homogeneous, with viscose- elastic features, and has four main advantages:

  • it is obtained by means of biosynthesis and its origin has no connection with animals;
  • no any previous tests are required;
  • the molecule is one of the components of a human body;
  • hyaluronic acid is considered to be one of the most concentrated acids available on the market nowadays.

Juvéderm® enables to carry out an immediate treatment. A minor correction after a couple of weeks ensures optimal, long-lasting results.

Effects from Juvéderm® usually last for 9 months. This time can vary depending on the type of skin, the place subjected to treatment, amount of injection and the technology of its introduction. In some cases the effects may last for one year.

On avarage, the effects of Juvéderm® on lips last for 6 months due to the amount of blood vessels in lips.

Laboratory Corneal (France) has made a lot of efforts in order to prolong durability of Juvéderm® effects, thanks to a very concentrated formula and an innovative production process, known as a formation of covalent bonds (cross-linking), when molecules of hyaluronic acid connect one another by means of chemical “bridges”. The molecules that have formed are of bigger size, so more stable against degeneration.

Just after the treatment you can proceed with your public or professional activities without a delay.

Juvéderm® fits for patients of any age.

It is also an ideal implant which helps young people to escape from appearance of wrinkles in sensitive areas and get rid of imperfections.Injections Juvéderm® should be a part of the treatment course. Doctor will prescribe you a schedule of injections, which will meet your individual requirements. Such a schedule if observed will help you improve and prolong the aesthetic effects.

Injections for filling up wrinkles

During one seance lasting for several minutes, your doctor by carrying out a simple subcutaneous injection Juvéderm®, will smooth out wrinkles and eliminate imperfections on your face, adding a shine. You will be able to proceed with your public or professional activities without any delay.


The practicing doctor may offer you local anaesthesia in order to make the procedure more pleasant by using anaesthetic cream or applying a superficial local anaesthesia.

Recommendations for application of injections

If you have enlarged pores on the area subjected to treatment, you are recommended to have treatment on tightening up the skin tissues: lotion for tightening up the skin, a cleansing mask or preparation on the basis of acids of Vitamin A or on the basis of AHA (please, ask your doctor for advice). It is strongly recommended not to use aspirin or anti-inflammatory preparations during three days, and if possible, during a week before the session of injections.

Recommendations after application of injections

It is recommended to avoid making grimaces during several hours after injection.

Other recommendations for what you should avoid:

  • expose yourself to cooling, to sun rays or excessive warming (ultraviolet rays, sauna, baths, etc.) during two weeks after application of injections.
  • touch, press or massage the place of injection.

Decorative make-up or the usual skin care procedures may be resumed a day after the treatment.

The above recommendations are envisaged in order to make sure that the optimal result has been obtained.

What are the possible side-effects?

  • After injection, a reaction to inflammation can appear (redness, oedema) that may be accompanied by itching and if pressed – pain. Such a reaction may last for a week.
  • On the place of injection, thickening or nodes may appear.
  • Very rare are cases when the skin on the injection place starts to peel off (instead of redness).
  • After injections containing hyaluronic acid, in rare cases necrosis may appear, predominantly in the area around the bridge of nose, suppuration, granuloma and hypersensitisation, as described in special literature.
  • If such reactions last more than a week or any other side-effects appear, you should inform your doctor immediately.

A more detailed information, please, find in instructions for application.


Injections are contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy and lactation period;
  • on areas with inflammation and/or with any infectious problem (rash, etc.);
  • in combination with laser therapy, chemical peeling or abrasive cleansing of the skin.

Do not forget to inform your doctor on the background of your illnesses, for example, a tendency of formation of hypertrophic scars, autoimmune diseases, about treatment by immune therapy, or the above mentioned hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

175 - 300 €

Surgiderm 24XP (0,8ml)

28 - 224 €

Surgiderm 30XP (0,8ml)

31 - 248 €

Surgiderm 30 (0,8ml)

29 - 232 €

Surgiderm 18 (0,1ml/0,8ml)

23 - 184 €

Juvederm Ultra 2 (0,55ml)

32 - 175 €

Juvederm Ultra 3 (1ml)

26 - 260 €

Juvederm Ultra 4 (0,8ml)

28 - 280 €

Juvederm Voluma (1ml)

30 - 300 €

Juvederm Ultra Smile (0,1ml/0,55ml)

35 - 195 €

Juvederm Volift 1ml

300 €

Juvederm Volbella 1ml

300 €

Juvederm Volite 1ml

320 €

TEOSYAL RHA (0,1ml/1ml)

23 - 230 €

TEOSYAL RHA 2 (0,1ml/1ml)

24 - 240 €

TEOSYAL RHA 3 (0,1ml/1ml)

25 - 250 €

TEOSYAL RHA 4 (0,1ml/1ml)

26 - 260 €

TEOSYAL Pure Sence Kiss(0,1ml/1ml)

25 - 250 €

TEOSYAL Pure Sence Redensity 1(0,1ml/3ml)

10 - 280 €

TEOSYAL Pure Sence Redensity 1(0,1ml/1ml)

25 - 250 €

Hydryalix Voluma(0,1/1,25ml)

16 - 190 €

Hydryalix Ultra deep(0,1/1,25ml)

17 - 200 €

HyalStyle Regular 1ml

21 - 220 €

HyalStyle Forte 1ml

22 - 220 €

HyalStyle Smile 1ml

23 - 230 €

Sculpt 18 1ml

190 €

Sculpt 23 1ml

200 €

Sculpt 26 1ml

210 €

Radiesse 1,5ml

350 €

HarmonyCa hydroxyapatite + hyaluronic acid (1,25ml)

260 €

Crystalys hydroxyapatite (1,25ml)

210 €

Crystalys hydroxyapatite with lidocaine (1,25ml)

230 €

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