Description of the procedure

You have an important event ahead, and you have to look perfectly well? A good make-up, of course, beautifies you, but it is much better to apply it onto your smooth, lifted and healthy skin. After this procedure, you will not need a thick layer of make-up to look young!

The procedure The Mother of the Bride” is designed for achieving the maximum lifting effect during one session. The best visible effect is achieved on the next day.

This procedure is performed with the help of the professional cosmetics DMK (Danne Montague-King) which is available on the market for 45 years and is the world leader in correcting the skin problems.

The line is elaborated by Dr. Chemistry Danne Montague-King (M.K. Danne), and it presents a programme of treatment, recovery and care for the skin by using the enzyme systems, amino acids, vegetable oils which can specifically affect the biochemical processes in the skin. DMK is a low-allergenic cosmetics -1 case to 500 people according to the data for 10 years.



Dr. Danne had a lot of patients. Early in his practice as a doctor-cosmetologist, his patient – the mother of a young bride who would get married the next day, asked to make her such a procedure, after which she would look not worse than the bride. Perhaps, this woman was not talking seriously, but Dr. Danne made her the lifting of the skin so well that during the wedding, many of the guests could not believe that this "young lady" is the mother of the bride. The result was stunning! And now to anyone who quickly wants to get the perfect look, the company Danne also offers a similar rejuvenating procedure.



The main component which is used during this procedure is the peeling AHA 1, which includes such acids as glycolic acid (stimulates skin cells), lactic acid (under the influence of the lactic acid, ceramides are synthesized and moisturizing of the skin is performed), lemon acid (whitens the skin and serves as an antioxidant), apple acid (activates the metabolism). After a deep skin peeling, the enzyme masks are applied.

Enzyme masque 1 - provides the normalisation of the metabolic processes in the skin, it eliminates toxins, has a mild keratolytic effect and provides pronounced lifting and lymphatic drainage effects.

Enzyme masque 2 - enzyme myostimulation. It allows you to adjust such imperfections as overhanging of the upper eyelid and eyebrows, distinct manifestation of nosolabial creases, imperfections of the contour of the face oval along the lower jaw and a double chin.   

Enzyme masque 3 - activates the blood vessels of the dermis and enhances regeneration. As well as it enhances the effect of the masks Enzyme 1 and Enzyme 2. 


Procedure duration

90 min

Procedure price

70 €

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