Description of the procedure

The dermatologist and widely recognized skin doctor Danné Montague-King can be mentioned as one of the world's authorities in the sphere of treatment of acne, who, by his own forces, has established the company which until now is the leader of the development of the world's best dermatological preparations.

DMK (Danné Montague-King) product range is considered to be not only a cosmetic, but also a medical product range – it is used both for preventive skin care, and for therapeutic purposes, including the prevention and treatment of acne. DMK products contain high proportion of the natural substances, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes; enzymes, in particular, are the key elements of the glowing skin. It is essential to protect the skin from the adverse effects of the external aggressors. The special substances, contained in the DMK products, "awaken" the skin cells, promoting their healthy rejuvenescence.

The facial treatment is performed according to the four basic principles – using the products which are suitable for the skin, skin rejuvenation, skin protection and the preservation of the skin’s healthy state. The special DMK approach is based not on the determining of the type of your skin, but on the evaluation of your skin state. Knowing what your skin lacks, it is possible to select the suitable products which will restore the reserves of the missing substances. The selected skin care products stimulate the skin's natural renewal process by providing the long-term results, instead of just superficial and short-term results.

Each of the products which are produced by DMK, is envisaged for a particular skin type and solves the following skin problem categories:

• Irregular renewal of the skin
• Overproduction of sebum
• The problems of the bacteriological natural
• Environmental impact.

In order to provide a more accurate insight into the range of solutions offered by DMK, let’s consider each of these causes a little bit closer.   

Renewal of the skin is a natural process during which the outermost skin layers slowly die off and peel away, while below them, the new skin develops. Generally, these two processes take place regularly, but sometimes in the result of the influence of the external circumstances, the balance can be lost, and the dead skin layer cannot completely peel off and can start to accumulate in the hair follicle ducts, thus blocking them.

To prevent the problems, caused by the blockage of the old skin layer and the pores formed by it, one can use the facial scrubs Prozyme, Quick Peel and Acu Creme produced by DMK. These products will make your skin look younger, by freeing the skin from dead skin cells and by cleansing the pores.

Sebum is a fatty substance which helps the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. It is secreted by the sebaceous glands that are found on almost the entire body surface. Due to the changes in the hormone level, the sebaceous glands can begin to work more productively, as a result of this too thick layer of sebum forms on the skin's surface, the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands is blocked, and acne appears.

The quantity of sebum on the skin can be controlled by washing off the excess grease and dirt, thus freeing the pore excretory ducts. In these cases, the face should be cleansed with the following products, produced by DMK: Acne Wash, Acu Creme, AHA Tonique. With their help, the skin can be successfully freed from the excess of fat by reducing the formation of acne and by removing oily shine.

In the result of the changes in the skin’s microflora, the bacteria can start to reproduce rapidly in the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands, as a result an inflammation and infected fluid usually appear, which is typical of the most serious cases of acne which can lead to permanent scarring.

In case if the skin problems emerged due to the bacterial activity, the face shall be cared for, using DMK Acu Masque and Moisture Balancer which are specially designed to restore the natural balance of the skin’s microflora.

For the improvement of the general state of the skin, weakened in the result of the influence of the adverse external environment, the nourishing fatty acids and vitamin complex DMK Efa+ shall be used which contain the fatty acids and nutrients and which are necessary for the healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as DMK Dermatox deep impact 3-minute cream should be used which cleanses and soothes the skin’s deeper layers.

The failure to treat or prevent acne timely or properly can permanently damage the skin - it loses its vitality, and deep scars can appear which can cause a lack of self-confidence throughout the entire life.

Of course, you should remember that, even the best facial care products which are used improperly, will not provide the desired effect. So, before starting your facial care procedures, first of all, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist who will help precisely to determine the type of your skin and to choose the most suitable skin care and treatment products.

It is especially important to consult a specialist in case of the damaged skin problems, because the improper treatment of the skin can lead to even bigger complications.


Procedure duration

90 min

Procedure price

50 - 70 €

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