Description of the procedure

Massage with hot stones “Hot stone massage” – an exclusive massage technique with application of basalt stones.

Basalt rock formed on slopes of an active volcano has a unique property of absorbing the heat deeply and releasing it slowly and evenly. The unique properties of the stones having in their composition more than 60 elements of Mendeleev’s table and the exclusive technique of massage by means of which energetic centres of the human body (chakras) are stimulated, provide a positive effect on the entire body in general: harmonization of psycho-emotional condition, relief from muscular pain, elimination of stress, normalization of sleep, improvement of lympho-drainage, blood circulation and tissue metabolism, restoration of the tone, elasticity and water balance in the skin.

Stone therapy for modern people is attractive because it relieves muscular pain, heaviness in the back, neck and legs in an easy and pleasant way, has a favourable impact on weakened nervous system as well as helps get rid from fat depots by accelerating metabolism.

However, stone therapy primarily and most effectively works for stress reduction, against depression and for body relaxation in general. On human body there are sensitive areas and biologically active points which when stimulated by stones help cure some diseases including those connected with nervous disorders.

Stone therapy is based on temperature and energetic influences of the stones in combination with elements of reflexotherapy. A seance of stone therapy takes place in a relaxing atmosphere with soft light and delicate perfumes. The massage performing techniques with hot stones are different and depend on the practising master first of all.

The person lies down on the couch and becomes slowly relaxed either by gentle touches of the stones or by special way of placement of the stones along the spine in a particular order. Before the stone therapy seance the patient's skin is oiled with aromatic oils and only after that the stones are applied. Stones of different size could be put on the active points on the entire body: from the toes to the eyes. The skin surface free from the stones is massaged. After the usual massage follows the massage with stones warmed up to temperature of 40 degrees. Heat from these stones can penetrate up to 4 centimetres in depth.

During the stone therapy procedure blood inflow to the painful area increases, the cells start working more actively and the blood and lymph take away toxins and waste products. Simultaneously tissues are enriched with oxygen. Duration of a stone therapy procedure is up to one and a half hour.

Do not forget to have a rest after the stone therapy seance in order to feel deeply your relaxation and inner harmony and relief from stress and tension.


Procedure duration

90 - 120 min

Procedure price

55 €

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