Description of the procedure

Business meetings, dates... How many life-changing meetings we encounter daily! Have you ever wondered what is the first thing that your conversation partner pays attention to? At a quick glimpse, choose what you think is the right answer!

  • Hands that are well taken care of
  • Neat manicure
  • Modern nail design

Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that with such a small thing you can not only leave a favourable impression on others, but also treat yourself…

What is a true oasis of beauty? It is a place where aesthetic medicine meets true art. Yes, even when taking care of such neglected part of the body as … our hands.

Manicure at Nofrete is not just the perfect “façade” at the end of our fingertips, it is also the general well-being it brings and the glow it brings long after the procedure.

This is a brand new luxurious approach for taking care of your hands.

Forget the word “manicure” in its convention al sense; it is a SPA procedure that includes:

Not only cuticle removal and flawless nail design…

But an overall relaxing, stress-relieving procedure that removes fatigue and nervous tension.

Are you still doubting which of the three answers to pick? The new generation manicure puts it simply: the right answer is - all of them! 


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

15 €

Classic manicure with varnish

15 €

Classic manicure without varnish

15 €

Sensation classic manicure with Gelish/Sensation

30 €

Classic manicure with Gelish/Sensation (French)

30 €

Additional option

Paraffin mask for hands
Gelish varnish
Viny Luks varnish


5 €
5 €
15 €
7 €

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