Description of the procedure

Carboxytherapy or so called „gas” injections – it is one of variations of mesotherapy, jet instead of nutritious cocktails under the skin is injected gaseous carbon dioxide CO2. It leads to stimulation of lymphokinesis and blood circulation, which results in satiation of skin tissues with oxygen and activation of exchange processes.

Because of bad everyday habits and bad environment with age our blood vessels gradually becomes more frail, inflexible and unable to transfer oxygen and nutrients to cells, leading to so called „oxygen hunger”. By injecting dosed amounts of carbon dioxide under the skin, we are artificially intensifying this „starvation” and body reacts to high concentration of carbon dioxide by starting to work with higher intensity: reinforced lymphokinesis and blood circulation in area of injection, accelerated exchange processes, active detoxification of organism.

Carbon dioxide gas takes effect 30 minutes after injection, after what it is fully cleared out of body through kidneys and lungs. Even after the gas is eliminated, reinforced work of blood vessels and cells is continuing: oxygen is supplied to cells, collagen is synthesized in tissues and fat is being broken down. Thus, the effects of carboxytherapy are improved blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues.

Carboxytherapy – perfect solution for such complicated tasks as under eye bags, dull skin tone, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, psoriasis. „Gas” injections of CO2 actively are used period after medical surgeries, as it helps to speed up healing of skin, recovers and renews it.

Carboxytherapy – straight on target!

  • Under eye circles;
  • Aging skin;
  • Swelling;
  • Pain treatment;
  • Fat;
  • Cellulite.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

60 - 85 €

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