Description of the procedure

Today it is possible to get rid of undesired hair from any parts of face or body – fast, painlessly and without any side-effects.

Waxing – it is nothing else but epilation by means of wax. This kind of bioepilation is popular due to its effectiveness and a comparatively low price. The length of hair must be at least 5 mm, otherwise the desired effect fails. A remedy soothing painful sensations is applied to skin before the procedure and the skin is treated with special oils after the procedure.

Besides a direct hair removal, wax effectively removes also the old cells from the skin. Use of scented wax partially compensates pain and unpleasant sensations. Waxing is an ecological and universal procedure with a high level of safety. Wax may be of a different composition for different types of skin and specifics of use.

In combination with preparations inhibiting hair growth wax shows good results. Many girls say that after the epilation by means of wax hair grows less „willingly”, it becomes a little thinner and feebler. However, the wax epilation is not a panacea: it is good as a temporary means against unwanted hair, but you should turn to „more powerful” means for a more perspective and long-term effect: photoepilation.
You will be offered also a wide range of home use preparations.

In our Centre this procedure, waxation, is performed by qualified cosmetologists by means of French cosmetics Reference, which meets the highest world standards.

In order to avoid hair growth under the skin, special peeling preparations and scrubs are used. Cosmetogists recommend also a special lotion for domastic use, which helps with grown-in hair and does it quite successfully: on the one hand, it provides a peeling effect, and on the other hand – is also antibacterial.

You will be offered also a wide range of home use preparations.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

7 - 45 €

Upper lip, chin

7 €


20 - 45 €


10 - 20 €


7 - 15 €


10 - 15 €

Arms till elbow

7 - 10 €

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