Description of the procedure

Biorevitalization or recovery of vital functions of the skin is a method of intracutaneous introduction of gels on the basis of hialuronic acid, which ability to boost the inner volume of tissues and support all metabolism processes is in the best way possible realized through medications for mesotherapy and injection materials for contour plastics. In aesthetic medicine a stabilized hialuronic acid (HA) is being used, able to „stay” in the site of its introduction for 3-18 months.

The stabilized hialuronic acid is introduced intracutaneously in small doses aiming at the area which is subject to „restoration”. It compensates the deficit of HA and the level of skin moisturizing, provides a powerful anti-oxidative and immunity stimulating activity, promotes an active growth of fibroblasts. Clinically, even after the first injections the skin condition improves considerably: it becomes more moisturized and elastic, the fine superficial wrinkles smooth out.

The method of biorevitalization is a prolonged one as a pronounced enhancement of effect appears with time after completion of the treatment procedures due to optimization of metabolic processes and recovery of intercellular space in derma. As HA meets the requirements of safety, effectiveness, hypoallergenicity and biocompatibility, it is a part of the preparation Hydrate, which is actively used in Nofrete. This method ensures a minimum rehabilitation period with maximum levels of effectiveness and safety.


  • correction of fine wrinkles;
  • treatment of atonic (slackened) skin of the face, neck and décolleté zone;
  • rejuvenation of the dorsal surface of hands;
  • at preparation and rehabilitation after medium-deep and laser peelings;
  • correction of oval of the face, elimination of slackening; dryness of skin.

The number of seances in case of fading skin is from 3 to 5, with 15 – 20 days intervals in between. Apart from the changes of ageing, 1-2 seances of mesotherapy with HA are prescribed before exposure to the sun in order to prevent hyperpigmentation, dehydration and photodamage of the skin. In order to sustain the result, single seances in every 3-4 months are possible.

Nofrete offers also an innovative therapy В.Т.А. for correction of skin defects.

В.Т.А. is a recovery therapy by means of aminoacids. В.Т.А recovers collagen that rejuvenates skin in a natural way.

Cells of the subcutaneous connective tissue are called fibroblasts. Fibroblasts produce collagen and recover the thin and „worn” skin ensuring tone and elasticity. With increasing years the activity of fibroblasts is reduced due to different reasons (food, diets, smoking, physical activity, prolonged exposure to sun). Consequently, the skin is subject to ageing, it loses its tone, elasticity, shine, and wrinkles appear. Fibroblasts produce collagen using the nutritive supply: aminoacids (Glicine, L-Proline, L-Lysine), which are in the B.T.A. products and are very important for the fibroblast activity. The more aminoacids are the higher level of vital capacity and the amount of cells is.

What is В.Т.А.?

Three aminoacids (Glicine, L-Proline, L-Lysine) that present in the B.T.A. products and produce collagen. B.T.A. includes various products on the basis of aminoacids: JALUPRO (for injections) and PROGLYME (a drinkable solution and dermo-cosmetic anti-ageing line). Each product is effective even if used separately. In its turn, JALUPRO and the drinkable solution PROGLYME mutually enhance their activity, and even better is to combine them with the dermo-cosmetic anti-ageing line PROGLYME.

What are the benefits of this therapy?

B.T.A. improves tone, flexibility and elasticity of the skin, flattens the deep and superficial wrinkles. Clinical trials carried out by professional dietitians showed a considerable improvement relating the depth and width of wrinkles. The therapy showed excellent results of biorevitalization in reduction of signs of ageing and photoageing. Effect intensifies with time and lasts for 6 months. Therapy course 2 times a year is recommended. Product tolerability is very good, and you can have sun-tanning after the procedure.

B.T.A. is compatible with a majority of other procedures, such as surgical, physical and chemical (before and after surgery, laser, thermage, electroporation, mesotherapy, IPL, peeling). Moreover, effect of the mentioned procedures is enhanced due to the use of B.T.A. products.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

70 - 115 €

Amino Jal Bioformula (5ml)

80 €

Amino Jal Strong Bioformula (5ml)

90 €

Hydrobooster (IBSA) 1,1ml

220 €

Jalupro HMW

115 €

Prophilio 2ml

320 €


90 €



Jalevel 2ml

120 €

Hydrate 1,0ml

160 €

Placentex 1amp

50 €

Aquashine 2ml

145 €

Hydryal 4% Luminera 1,25ml

125 €

Aquashine BTX 2ml

160 €

Aquashine BR 2ml

145 €

Hydryal 3% Luminera 1,25ml

120 €

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