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Oleg Radoman is a traumatologist and orthopaedist specialising in the use of plasmolifting to diagnose, treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.

Plasmolifting is a unique orthopaedic procedure, used to stimulate regenerative processes in tissue.

Plasma is obtained from the blood of the patient, and then injected into the soft tissue surrounding a joint and directly into the joint cavity.

Plasmolifting is an ideal treatment in case of:

  • arthritis and deformative arthrosis;
  • bone tissue damage;
  • painful muscle spasms in the neck, back and legs;
  • spinal osteochondrosis;
  • sports injuries;
  • rehabilitation after an operation;
  • prosthesis or injury.

Plasmolifting procedures help:

  • remove muscle spasms and reduce pain;
  • replenish synovial fluid;
  • improve blood circulation around the injured joint;
  • reduce pressure on injured joints and increase joint space;
  • strengthen the muscles of injured joints;
  • considerably shorten the rehabilitation period after injuries, operations and prosthetic interventions.

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