Plasmolifting masterclass in NOFRETE

May 25, 2017

Date: 11.06.2017

Lecturer: Aleksandra Lifsica

Location: Emila Melngaila 5, Riga, Beauty salon Nofrete

Participation fee: 70 EUR


Karina Minina

SIA “Nofrete”

+371 25622133, +37167812778

Within the course, you will learn the Plasmolifting method in practice, also learning about the additional nuances of the procedure. This procedure will allow you to solve your clients’ aesthetic problems with a safe and autologous method.

A practical course in plasmolifting and plasmolifting gel therapy.

1. Preparation for the procedure:

• Preparing the premises
• Preparing the instruments
• Preparing the patient

2. Masterclass and instructions:

• Plasmolifting for face and neck area
• Plasmolifting for arms and décolleté
• Plasmolifting for the hairy part of the head
• Plasmolifting gel for face (neck, arms, décolleté)

3. Additional:

If a model for practicing is used, an additional fee for the used material applies – 15 EUR per vial


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