Description of the procedure

The massage with seashells can be compared to the more popular procedure of stone therapy - massage with stones, with the difference that the shells are able to accumulate and maintain the heat at the desired temperature for several hours due to the contact with the client's body. Additionally, seaweed, essential oils, and massage gels-activators can be used during the procedure.

During the massage shells not only gently act on energy points, but also perfectly relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress and fatigue, as well as calm the nervous system.

This procedure is recommended to treat radiculitis, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia of the neck, wrist and cervical vertebrae, as well for various psychological conditions. In addition, the massage tightens the skin of the face and décolleté.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

25 €

Additional option



10 €

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