Description of the procedure


  • Restoration of energetic potential of the cells
  • Stimulation of regeneration, enhancement of tone and skin elasticity
  • Prevention of ageing and photo-ageing, protection against free radicals
  • Firming of facial tissues, restoration of facial contour, lifting
  • Intense nourishment, deep moisturizing and skin revitalization

The rich innovative line of cosmetic products on the basis of caviar concentrate differs principally from other similar products launched up to now.Products of the line FRESH CAVIAR represent the 3rd generation cosmetic treatments. They are free from fragrances and chemical preservatives, are stored and used refrigerated (+4°C), as a result of which their application practically bears no risks of allergic reactions or any irritation even on the most sensitive skin.

Technology that has no analogues allows maintaining high effectiveness of all components of caviar concentrate and making them easily accessible to the cells of the skin, ensuring thus unsurpassed effectiveness of these products.

In professional care FRESH CAVIAR, the ultra concentrated serum Pure Extract with Caviar Cells is used, which apart from caviar extract contains ingredients with moisturizing, nourishing and lifting effect.

Serum Pure Extract with Caviar Cells is manufactured by means of exclusive technology: caviar concentrate is put in special microcapsules which prevent oxidation and allow the ingredients maintain their high activity for long time. This innovative application increases ability of the ingredients to penetrate into the skin, ability of the cells to use them, and ensures maximum effect of the product.

At the moment of application of the serum, microcapsules release caviar concentrate which bioactive components facilitate tissue regeneration, provide strong firming effect, nourish and energize the cells of the skin, activate collagen and elastan production, protect the skin against free radicals and UV rays. The newest biotechnological components in the products of this line ensure intense lifting, skin regeneration and enhance rejuvenating effect of caviar extract.


Procedure duration

90 min

Procedure price

65 €

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