Description of the procedure

Equipment ProEllixe Vibration

The first place at the exhibition Cosmoprof - Expobeauty 2005 in the professional contest The Best Technology for Figure Correction nomination The Best Physiotherapy Equipment.

Work of equipment ProEllixe Vibration is based on the principle of vibration which stimulates activity of all tissues. Vibrations of low and medium frequencies work as thousands of microscopic rollers and massage all the body from the feet up to the neck. Vibrational massage facilitates improvement of bearing, the state of the body in whole, activates the blood circulation process without disturbing stability of the heartbeats and causing no any stressful state that possibly may occur during physical exercises. Proellix Vibration causes no muscular tiredness; this procedure is used for firming and formation of muscular system, for revitalization of balance of circulatory system and body detoxification.

Procedures based on vibration are a strong stimulus for the human body in whole, especially for the neuromuscular system and human bones.

Vibrational massage ProEllixe Vibration provides a unique aesthetical impact.

During long-lasting clinical researches the outstanding effectiveness of ProEllixe Vibration has been proven:

  • ProEllixe Vibration improves microcirculation, thus helping get rid of cellulites;
  • corrects figure;
  • facilitates weight loss;
  • improves complexity as enriches the tissues with oxygen;
  • stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Vibrational massage provides also an intensive therapeutic effect on the body.

  • ProEllixe Vibration prevents osteoporosis;
  • contributes to physical rehabilitation after trauma;
  • prevents formation of chronic venous insufficiency, paralysis, muscular atrophy;
  • improves tissue elasticity;
  • stimulates body detoxification.

Besides that, vibrational massage reduces stress, contributes to relaxation, overall comfort, improves perception of the time and space, fights against sleeplessness. This could be explained not only by the beneficial influence of vibration but also by that the equipment ProEllixe Vibration is supplied with an exclusive chromotherapy screen in order to create a relaxing effect.

Available programs:

1. Greeting initial level program
2. Wellbeing program for improvement of one’s feeling
3. Strong feelings program of increased complexity
4. Relaxation stress reduction program
5. Overall toning program for muscle toning
6. Detoxification - enhancement program for elimination of toxins, acceleration of metabolism
7. Anti-cellulite program program for improvement of microcirculation
8. Weight loss program for figure correction
9. Figure modelling program facilitating formation of muscular system
10. Weight-lifting exercises intensive program for firming of muscles

10 minutes work on the above equipment are equal to:

  • spending one hour in the gym by using training equipment
  • two hours of playing tennis
  • one hour of exercise on a prelum abdominale with additional burdening on legs plus twenty minutes of such exercise on a rug
  • two hours of physical load, for example, fast run
  • two hours of firming exercises.

Vibrational massage with equipment ProEllixe Vibration – a key to your wellness and beauty!


Procedure duration

15 min

Procedure price

5 €

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