Description of the procedure

SPA – modelling

Today, the saloon offers 6 kinds of body wraps of a wide range of effect, which are directed to:

  • Detoxification of the body
  • Thinning and modelling of the silhouette
  • Taking away stress
  • Supplying the body with microelements and vitamins

Every program including body wraps is selected strictly individually, taking into consideration peculiarities of your body...

We always recommend to start the modelling procedures by preparing the body. The first procedure is detoxification, when the toxins are eliminated out of the body, thus preparing it for the next stage of recovery. After that the modelling methods are used that are oriented directly to reduction of size of your body and figure correction. The maximum effect of the modelling procedures is gained by using the SPA treatment and physical load in harmonious and right combination.

How it may probably sound strange, but sometimes the excess weight, - and so affected body proportions, - are a result of stressful situations. Therefore we recommend at first to calm down the “stress centre” For this reason the procedures of the body wraps’ complex „Fragrance Space” are very effective. The body becomes saturated with phytohormones, microelements and vitamins, which on the one hand, provide a feeling of peacefulness and calmness when penetrating deeply, and continue their intense work fighting the excess kilograms, on the other hand.

An important element of each procedure is also aromatherapy and special music facilitating full relaxation and more effective influence on the body.


Procedure duration

120 min

Procedure price

50 - 60 €

Additional options

Facial procedure


25 €

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