Description of the procedure

We offer to ladies a new kind of permanent make-up on lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Willing to forget for some years the problem of „drawing” the eyebrows, eyes and lips? The natural contour allows you to live without bothering yourself at all about your appearance in the morning, without wasting time for selection of the right colours and lines when putting on your everyday make-up! Permanent make-up is a modern painless procedure requiring no any additional care.

Discover for yourself the most up-to-date attainments in cosmetology and visage!


The permanent make-up expert will offer you a draft, several variants of forms for your eyebrows, lips and eyes, and you will select together the most suitable one for your face. After that you will be offered several variants of colour for your eyebrows, lips and eyes.

After choosing by you the colour and the form, the master will introduce pigment into the skin.

And now, you already have the eyes, brows and lips you were dreaming about.

A fine line between the eyelashes will create an effect of thickness and enhance your eyes. A wider contour at the corner of the eyelid will visually make your eyes bigger. The eyelid line may as well be supplemented by an arrow.


If the form of your lips suits you, it is enough just to introduce the pigment you like. With the right shading, the lips will look natural.

Would you like plump lips? Or, you like another form? The contour round the edge or the pigment-filler will substitute lip pomade for a long while and look more natural.


By means of micropigmentation, it is possible to correct the features and make them more expressive, to hide scars and pigment spots.

All pigments introducible under the skin are non-allergic, nontoxic for the body and maintain their colour during 3-5 years gradually and evenly fading away. Micropigmentation looks natural, it does not „smudge” in the pool, bath-house or on the beach, and neither snow, nor rain may damage it.


Procedure duration

120 min

Procedure price

65 - 215 €


145 €

Upper eyelid contours

100 €

Lower eyelid contours

65 €

Lip contours with shading

170 €

Lip contours with filling

215 €

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