Description of the procedure

Micropigmentation is a way to highlight the features of your face, to make them perfectly symmetrical, to hide the problematic areas of your skin with the help of the natural pigment, as well as to free yourselves for a long time from a daily application and removal of your make-up.      

Permanent make-up has a number of indisputable advantages:

1. the ability to create the effect of the thickness of your eyebrows;
2. to make the contour of your lips more even;
3. to hide or to correct any asymmetry;
4. to make your lips look plush;
5. to hide scars and other imperfections of the skin of your lips and eyebrows;
6. to emphasize the contour of your eyelashes, providing the effect of the density of the eyelashes;
7. to change the shape and colour of your lips, eyebrows and eyelids for a long time;
8. to make a mole anywhere, as you wish, as well as to improve the shape of  the existing moles (bulging moles should not be touched);  
9. to draw the aureole to the nipple, returning them the natural colour and shape after breast-feeding, breast surgery, by hiding different spots and scars under the pigment.


Perfect lips are symmetrical, expressive and proportionate. Unfortunately, not all people have such lips by nature, but with the help of the micropigmentation you can get such lips you always dreamed of!
Our specialists of micropigmentation prefer the maximal naturality and naturalness.


Eyebrows are the most dominant among other facial features. They help us to express our emotions. Their bend, echoing the contours of the forehead shows how harmonious the proportions of your face are. The eyebrows on the faces that we call beautiful, usually are symmetrical, they have a clear outline and uniform growth of hair. Their tone is in harmony with the face and the hair on your head. And the general appearance, in its turn, makes the face look younger.

A good specialist can achieve this result, when there are the modern equipments at his/her disposal, experience and a wide range of techniques.
Even if there is no hair on the eyebrows at all, we can help to find a solution. The latest technologies ensure the full or partial recovery of the shape of your eyebrows.


Almond-shaped, raised corners, fluffy and expressive line of your eyelashes. All this is possible by adding some features to your eyes.

What should I know?

  • the pigment is injected into the depth of 0.5-1 mm by a low-impact needle;
  • the pigment is fixed in the skin without forming any tattooing scar that ensures its even removal over a period of several months to several years;
  • the proof of the full recovery of your skin is a sun-tan that re-appears in the area of removal of the pigment and gives the natural colour;
  • the pigment is absorbed by the skin during 1-1.5 months, until you see the final result;
  • the effectiveness of the equipments allows achieving good results on the skin of any structure (thick, with scars and tattoos);
  • the procedure should be performed by the specialists with the extensive knowledge in hygiene, make-up, colouristics, permanent make-up application techniques;
  • the modern micropigmentation is a high-tech, hygienic, efficient equipment, as well as disposable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic pigments of the natural shades are used.

With the help of the micropigmentation it is possible to make your appearance look well cared-for, harmonious and naturally beautiful.

The certified specialists of our salon will help you to choose the perfect shape and colour of the desired make-up. If after the test, you will find the make-up perfect, a specialist will create and improve the forms by using the planned procedure of micropigmentation, after which you'll be happy with your reflection in the mirror every day, not making any additional efforts anymore.


Procedure duration

90 - 150 min

Procedure price

170 - 285 €

Lip Contour Fill

285 €


230 €


170 €



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