Description of the procedure

Magic of your eyes

A desire to always look beautiful is characteristic to every woman. It's not difficult at all with the new eyelashes – even in the morning you will see in the mirror your perfectly drawn shining or languorous eyes. What you need is just to flutter your long eyelashes and… I am certain – all surrounding men will be charmed by your enigmatic look under the fluffy lashes!


Applied false eyelashes look completely natural. Their advantage - they will not let you down in any extreme situation, you can go to the gym, swimming pool or bath-house, or have a party all night without being afraid of the lashes falling out.

The procedure of eyelash application is completely painless and harmless.
Advantages of the modern eyelash application are that the false eyelashes are individually fixed to the natural lashes by means of molecular glue, about 0.5 mm from the skin line, thanks to that the natural life cycle of eyelashes is not disturbed.
The procedure takes 1.5 - 2h.

Due to the change process of the natural lashes also the false lashes will fall out which adhere to them, but the change process of the natural lashes takes place within three months. In order to retain beauty of the applied eyelashes as long as possible, it is necessary to visit an expert once a month for an eyelash care procedure. The procedure takes 1.5h.


Procedure duration

120 min

Procedure price

45 €

Eyelash damage prevention

30 €

Eyelashes colouring

5 €

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