Description of the procedure

Eyebrows make our facial features unique, helping us recognise one another.

The face mirrors our physical and emotional state. As unusual as it may seem, eyebrows have a communicative function. We can express our emotions with our brows in a non-verbal communication that is understood by those around us.

As of late, eyebrow care has taken a significant place in the beauty industry. By changing the shape of eyebrows, we can emphasize the facial features and improve the appearance, making it brighter, as well as express individual’s personality.

NOFRETE offers:

1. Eyebrow correction after tattooing (tinting or henna)
2. Eyebrow shape correction
3. Fine eyebrow shape correction
4. Artistic eyebrow shaping - tinting
5. Artistic eyebrow shaping – semi-permanent
6. Artistic eyebrow shaping – henna
7. Artistic eyebrow shaping of fine eyebrows
8. Eyebrow shaping (for fine hair)

The procedure includes:

1. Choosing the shape with the client
2. Eyebrow tinting (dye or henna; filling in scars or gaps with semi-permanent make-up)
3. Correction
4. Eyebrow make-up
5. Educating the client on eyebrow makeup
6. Choosing eyebrow make-up to match the tone of the skin


Procedure price

10 - 20 €

Choosing the shape with the client, eyebrow colouring (color or henna; filling in scars or gaps with semi-permanent make-up), correction, eyebrow make-up, educating the client on eyebrow makeup

20 €

Eyebrow colouring with colour, correction, eyebrow make-up

12 €

Eyebrow colouring with henna, correction, eyebrow make-up

15 €

Face make up and sculpting

10 €

Eyebrows colouring

5 €

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