Description of the procedure

Acne? You will soon laugh at it!

This procedure is intended for treatment of oily and combined skin with acne and its consequences. Each preparation of this line performs a particular function, and the components mutually complete and increase effectiveness of each other.

The mentioned effect is reached in the way as follows:

  • antibacterial action
  • fat production is reduced
  • the skin dries and the dead cells are removed.

Immediate effect of the procedure:

  • removal of excessive fat;
  • decreased fat production;
  • softening of comedones, thus making the face cleansing easier and more effective;
  • prevention of bacterial proliferation by means of highly active antibacterial ingredients;
  • decreased face redness due to soothing ingredients.

Long-lasting effect of the procedure:

  • prevents from appearance of new comedones;
  • prevents from appearance of new scars;
  • stimulates skin rejuvenation;
  • stimulates cell regeneration;
  • reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation;
  • improves skin elasticity.

As a result comedons and other acne elements eliminate; enlarged pores reduce; infiltrates and stagnant spots dissolve; post-acne is prevented; skin texture and complexion is balanced. After the procedure your face remains aesthetically attractive.

It is recommended to have 2-3 seances a week until the desired improvement is reached, then followed by 1 séance a month.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

45 €

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