Description of the procedure

Since the ancient times it is known that a classic massage has a very positive effect on the human body, and with the help of this massage many diseases are treated and prevented. Therefore, it can also be called a health-improving massage.

Due to the sedentary lifestyles, our back muscles usually are weak, but because of the work at the computer, the muscles in the neck and collar area are strained. A classic massage relaxes the muscles tensed after a hard day, restores the overall system of the body, improves blood circulation, improves the tone, strengthens the joints and relieves from various pains.

A classic massage will relieve you from the chronic fatigue, headaches, pain in the back, legs and other parts of your body, and will help to overcome the stiffness in movements.

After the massage, you will feel rush of vitality, feel yourselves inspired, you will be in a good mood, as if you have returned from your vacation! After this course, your overall physical and mental state will improve for a long time.   


Procedure duration

60 - 90 min

Procedure price

50 €

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