Description of the procedure

An excellent effect of instant lifting!

This gentle and conditioning procedure on the basis of silkworm fibres provides an instant skin lifting effect, moisturizes the skin and smoothes out wrinkles. Silk procedure helps your clients to prepare themselves for any formal reception – their skin becomes overwhelmingly smooth, shiny and silky. Already after the first séance of silk procedure you notice explicit results; this is characteristic also to other „Christina” procedures. State of the skin continues to improve considerably after having procedures at the Centre, as the serum we offer for application at home fastens the results of treatment received at the salon.

Immediate effect of the procedure:

  • Depth and visibility of wrinkles reduce
  • The skin is smoothed and tightened up
  • The moisturizing formula makes the skin soft and shiny
  • The optimal pH balance in the skin is restored
  • Inflammations are reduced
  • The skin is enriched in vitamins
  • Provides a reviving effect on a tired face
  • Fine wrinkles reduce for 80% within 10 minutes

Long-lasting effect of the procedure:

  • Preventive treatment defending the skin against oxidation stress
  • Support of connective tissue due to increase in collagen production
  • Improvement in microcirculation
  • Support of intercellular substance of derma
  • Improvement of keratinisation process
  • Decomposition of fat acids
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles for 35% within 3 months

A specially designed formula with gamma-amino-butyric acid prevents appearance of visible signs of ageing of the skin as it deactivates and blocks the signal transmission from nerves to muscles. The silk fibres are „weaved” in downy layers and are used in combination with an alkaline gel, as a result of which the silk proteins turn into amino acids and bind to the skin tightly while penetrating into it. The skin appears smooth, fresh and relaxed as a result, silky and soft by touch, its tone and elasticity improves, you feel comfort, and the lines of your features become more expressive.

The silk line preparations are enriched by natural plant extracts traditionally used in cosmetology and dermatological cosmetology which provide anti-inflammatory action, reduce oedemas and irritations on the skin.

While counteracting the inner factors that cause wrinkles to appear, the procedure simultaneously provides an instant and visible effect – fine wrinkles are filled and they smooth out immediately after application of the serum with polysilicon elastomer which creates an illusion of a shiny skin with silky texture due to photo reflection effect.


Procedure duration

90 min

Procedure price

50 €

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