Description of the procedure

An anti-stress massage is one of the most important. Why it is so? In the recent years, the physical activity has gone to the background - the mental and emotional activities have become our main stress. We are surrounded by hundreds of gadgets helping us to get rid of unnecessary work, but the accelerating pace of life makes us restless, excited and always tired. Due to this state of mind, our state of health is becoming worse, that’s why people commonly believe that all diseases are caused by nervous disorders.

Stress and nervous disorders leave traces both in the muscles, in the form of incomplete movements, and in subcutaneous tissue, in the form of stress of the connective tissue and vasoconstriction, which lead to various dysfunctions in the body, including the appearance of cellulite in women.

An anti-stress massage will help you if you feel yourself depressed, are under the influence of stresses, experience chronic fatigue, significant mental and physical stresses, muscle rigidity and psychosomatic diseases.

After a course of an anti-stress massage, you will feel fresh, energetic, your mental activity will increase and your immune system will improve, as well as you will feel a long-term improvement of your mood and sleep.

During the massage, you can forget about the upcoming worries, you will enjoy the relaxing music, you will calm down, immerse into the world of sensations and dedicate this time only to yourself and your body, and then you can look at the world with fresh and happy eyes.


Procedure duration

60 - 90 min

Procedure price

50 €

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