Description of the procedure

A question that the majority of women struggle with – how to get rid of cellulite. Of course, the fight with cellulite should be approached from multiple angles, including proper nutrition, physical activities and appropriate procedures. But a cellulite massage is the most important one of all.

Among all the most modern methods to combat cellulite, an anti-cellulite massage with hands holds a special place. Such massage performs several tasks at once – it stimulates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, and removes excess fluids from the body. The anti-cellulite massage disrupts the fibrotic processes, and improves metabolism.

Additionally, it has a toning effect on muscles and skin, making a smooth and beautiful body a possibility, at the same time relieving swelling and removing excess weight.

This type of massage is recommended for treating:

  • excessive body weight
  • cellulite
  • uneven fatty tissue deposition
  • sagging skin
  • presence of stretch marks
  • fibrosis
  • propensity to edema.


Procedure duration

60 - 90 min

Procedure price

50 €

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