Description of the procedure

Homeopathy as a system exists 200 years already.Homeopathy (from Greek Homoios – similar, equal, pathos - sickness) is a method of treatment of a disease by using micro doses of remedies that cause symptoms of that disease to a healthy human if used in macro doses. The main principle of homeopathy – treatment by using micro doses – is proven by long-term experience of the practical medical work. As the raw materials for making of traditional homeopathic medications, substances of plant, animal and mineral origins are used. Metals and vitamins are used as well.

Homeopathic mesotherapy – a term that came into homeopathy recently. Similarly with allopathic mesotherapy, medications are introduced intracutaneously, loco-regionally in acupuncture points. However, approach of homeopathy to the solution of dermato-cosmetological problems essentially differs from the approach used in allopathic mesotherapy.

The applied homeopathic medications help to utilize the patient’s body resources, it means, the regulating therapy is taking place, not the „substitutive” one. Especially justified in this trend of mesotherapy is introduction of medications in the reflexotherapy points. Introduction of these medications in the reflexotherapy points provides both the local and systemic action. Inherent of a cumulative action the organospecific homeopathic remedies get into the patient’s homologous organs and provide their medical effect – “the similar is treated by the similar”.


Physical stimulation:

  • pain stimulus,
  • release of chemical mediators.

Bioenergetic stimulation:

  • antihomotoxic medication sends a specific impulse (information) concerning particular reactions.

Effects of acupuncture:

  • Acupuncture points stimulation arouses a specific reaction.


  • no side effects,
  • a possibility to have treatment during pregnancy,
  • a complete compatibility of the applicable medications, resulting in correction of several problems simultaneously,
  • a possibility to mix 4 medications without a risk of complications.

In our opinion, the most important that makes a positive distinguish between homeo-mesotherapy and allopathic mesotherapy is a possibility of a systemic influence on the body by means of ultra-low doses of medications to correct immunity and provide a drainage effect on organs and systems!

Physicians of the aesthetical medicine centre Nofrete are able to help everybody who desires to improve his or her outer appearance by using natural homeopathic means and methods that boost immune system, improve natural reactions and hormonal balance.

Nofrete cooperates closely with GUNA Biotherapeutics, the leading Italian company in the field of homeopathic natural medicine and being a pioneer in aesthetichal medicine for more than 15 years.

GUNA’s innovative natural medications have a variety of benefits:

  • active ingredients, promoting fast immune response, assuring no side effects or contraindications and not provoking allergenic reactions;
  • the treatment action is focused on the main aesthetic problems such as: wrinkles, cellulite, adiposity, muscle tone and ageing;
  • ease of administration according to mesotherapeutic techniques and neurological points that assure best local activity.

MADE® Method – Treatment for wrinkles and skin slackening!

MADE® is a natural homeopathic medication used both as a treatment for reducing the signs of aging and as a support for maintaining a youthful face.


  • skin tone improvement;
  • reduction of face and neck wrinkles;
  • local treatment of skin aging;
  • stimulation of connective tissue metabolism.

What kind of results could be expected?

MADE® promotes a “flattening” effect on wrinkles that improves with every procedure thanks to a better metabolism of skin cells. MADE® is not a filler. The results are visible immediately, as the skin looks more healthy and shiny. The tissue tone improves considerably and the wrinkles smooth out.

How long time does it take?

The standard protocol consists of 1 session a week for 8-10 weeks (usually, the first results are clearly visible after the 3rd session). To keep the results under control, 1 session every month or 2 months is required. It is recommended to follow the home therapy protocols during the homeo-mesotherapy treatment procedures.

How long does the effect last?

Everything depends on the initial condition and clinical evolution. Activities such as sun tanning promote collagen destruction (catabolism) and skin-aging. In this case it is recommended to take a cycle of MADE® treatment.

What are the results of clinical trials?

Clinical trials have been performed from 1998 up to 2003. The trials included 578 females (aged between 35 and 75) and 103 males (between 40 and 70). The participants were applied linear infiltration on the area of wrinkles by means of mesotherapeutic technique. The treatment course consisted of 8 sessions, one session a week.

For some patients the treatment was continued as follows: 1 session a month for 2-3 months. The results were evaluated before and after the program by means of subjective classification of the visual and tactile characteristics of the wrinkles and the slackening of the face and neck tissues. A mild reaction to the treatment was observed in 20 cases (3%) with slight erythema in the injection site. Erythema disappeared after few minutes.

MADE® is proven to be a highly effective means with a high level of tolerability and suitable for all types of wrinkles and relaxed skin. The best results were observed in female patients aged of 30-50.


It is a natural homeopathic medication with an application similar to MADE®. It has one ingredient – collagen that is homeopathically treated. The medication is usually applied together with MADE® during each session in order to obtain more long-lasting results. It could be used also for local treatment of skin aging.

Guna provides a variety of homeopathic medicines and cosmetic creams for home therapy treatment. Health means also a good overall appearance. Your doctor may prescribe you a detoxification therapy to improve your outer appearance, to balance your hormonal activity and support your immune system. It helps to overcome skin damage.

Cosmetic creams for treatment of certain problems:

Serum Vitae Bio-lifting cream – an anti-wrinkle cream with an applicator. Apply along wrinkles. Can be used between procedures MADE®.Tamanu Arnica cream is rich in tamanu oil, may be used for psoriasis-like skin problems.

Natur 3 is a nourishing cream for breast. Helps to improve tone of the breast.

Natur 4 is a revitalizing cream for the face and body. It prevents oxidative damage, dehydration and aging of facial and body skin.

Natur 5 is a toning leg cream. It prevents legs swelling and has a special toning effect on the leg vessels.


Procedure duration

60 min

Procedure price

36 - 50 €

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